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How are you feeling today?


I'm Sharyn Kennedy, a cognitive behaviour THERAPIST

After more than a decade of experience with businesses, schools and academia, I now work with people to help them achieve balanced thinking, develop rewarding relationships, and deal with anxiety, depression and stress.

My work with others is very much influenced by current neuropsychological research — research that shows that even as adults, our brains are continually adapting and developing due to new experiences, new ideas and conscious change.

Cognitive behaviour therapy emphasizes this change: it can help you undo patterns of thinking that continually hold you back and prevent you from reaching your full potential.



My job as a cognitive therapist is to help you learn more about your thinking, so you can understand how it affects your feelings and behaviour. 

You already have many skills and tools that we can build upon to help you work through challenges and problems. I can help you to stretch and grow in a safe and confidential environment. I will share practical information with you about how to make sustainable improvements to your life, and empower you with personal choices about how to use it.


I regularly help people with issues like depression, anxiety, grief, stress, and lots more. One thing these issues all have in common: you must be ready to change. It's not easy and it takes work, but if you are willing, I will show you how you can let go of whatever is holding you back and discover a path to increased happiness and wellbeing.

So... how are you feeling today?




I had a handful of expectations - I myself wasn’t sure I could meet them. After a few sessions I learned how to manage all of my expectations through your help and guidance.
— L.S., Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dr. Sharyn explained the reasons why I felt a certain way and how I could change my way of thinking before my feelings escalated. I understand and recognize my feelings and know how to deal with them in a healthy way.
— A.A., Abu Dhabi, UAE


I gained an understanding of my own mental states and emotional states. I learnt how these states could benefit me or detriment me as a person. Now I am learning tools and methods to process, understand and control or minimize negative tendencies and manifest positive ones.
— J.Al., Abu Dhabi, UAE
I gained insight - into how I feel, and learnt how to change my behaviour and better control my emotions. I’ve started to experience and to see changes in how I react to daily circumstances and how I deal with personal and work-related issues.
— E.J., Abu Dhabi, UAE


Sharyn really listened to the issues I faced in life. She was helpful, understood and provided tools to help move forward. I learned different strategies to take in place of old habits that were getting me stuck in situations I did not want to be in anymore.
— B.S., Abu Dhabi, UAE
When I first came to see Sharyn I could not see a positive future for myself. I have left here with a sense of self-worth and I can see a good and positive future for myself - I feel strong and able to tackle my negative thoughts.
— S.W., Auckland, NZ

"Very understandable.
Welcoming and warm.
Have the experience."

G.P., Abu Dhabi, UAE



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